If you are interested in the history of Redding and Westquarter Church you will find much of the information in the attachment on this page.


This information was prepared and issued in 2008 just after the Centenary Celebrations in 2007.


Much of the information was copied from historical records and presented in a book that will hopefully be kept on record for many years to come.


We observed that many people who visited the Church over the Anniversary period were eager to have a look at the Cradle Roll. Presumably they were looking for their own names or perhaps a member of their family.


A copy of the Cradle Roll is attached and it shows details of the Christenings between 1948, when Douglas Sommerville was appointed as the first full time minister, and the present.


The first name on the Roll is John Baff who was the oldest son of William and Ann Baff (Maitland). Ann`s parents owned a market garden close to Redding Cross and it was from this location she started her very successful career as a Florist. They had 2 other sons, William and Maitland who were also christened in the Church.

We trust that you will enjoy reading about our Church.


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